MAT Puppets
custom made ventriloquist figures and puppets

MAT Puppets - About our studio


MAT Puppets are the creations of Mary Ann and Melissa Taylor.  

We work with ventriloquists, puppeteers, theatre groups and other clients to bring foam, fabrics and ideas to life.  

Our custom-made figures generally feature moving mouths and are very light weight.


Images in our galleries are samples of figures we have made.  They are not items we have in the studio, nor are they all of the figures we have made over the years.  

We may be able to provide images of additional work on request.

We provide reference numbers on the images as an aid so we can discuss different facial features and costuming options with our clients.  

We encourage everyone to consider which hair, eyes, nose, mouth shape, etc. might be most appropriate for your character.

We enjoy making figures that are as unique as our clients.



MAT Puppets does not accept orders though the internet.  Please contact us directly by email or phone for more information or to place an order.